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Reference: Bumble ‘B’ Roadshow

Dear Sir/Madam,

When I first became aware of Mr Mayhem and his Roadshow this was around sixteen years ago. They were regular performers at a Social Club that I worked for. Although at that time I had no direct interaction with them the reviews that were being given about them very all very positive. People always spoke very fondly of them and had a smile on their face when they recalled the Roadshow.

It was only when I had children of my own that I really began to get what the Roadshow was all about. Reviews will always give you a guide as to someone’s abilities but until you actually have that interaction and experience yourself you will never truly know. Personally I am always sceptical of people’s abilities until I have seen it for myself, but I can honestly say that in this instance the actual interaction far exceeded all the positive reviews I had received.

The Bumble ‘B’ Roadshow is not just about children’s, and adult’s entertainment; they are a family of people that seem to truly love and appreciate the joy and happiness they bring. No matter the day you may have had, the two or three hours with the Roadshow will have you laughing and dancing at the end of the disco no matter what your personal abilities.

Mr Mayhem, Tammy and Aaron are very welcoming and friendly, instantly placing you at ease. They have a natural ability to interact will all. The Country in which we live is very diverse, and our County in particular has many cultures, but laughter is a universal language that all speak and on every occasion that I have seen the Roadshow in action I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone disappointed with their performance. In a crowded room it can easily feel that you may be left out or missed out, but the Roadshow works hard to make everyone’s experience feel personal.

I have been fortunate enough to have taken my family to numerous venues and many entertainers, but I feel that Bumble ‘B’ Roadshow is by far the best. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.


            Yours faithfully  

                              Chris Prosser

Dear To whom this my concern, 

I have been asked to write a reference for Mr Mayhem (Gary Williams) of Bumble Bee Roadshow.

I met Mr Williams a couple of years ago, when I contacted him about my daughters then 6th Birthday party.  I also again contacted him for my daughters 7th Birthday party.

As any parent knows, children’s birthday parties can be stressful and tiring.  Bumble Bee roadshow takes away all the stress and leaves you actually feeling sad that the party is over.

From the second the children step through the door, they are entertained. Shy children come out of their shells in minutes and join in.  No child is left unwanted.  They have the children’s attention immediately. The children are up dancing, doing actions, laughing and generally relaxing and having a good time.

Not only do they entertain the children, but they also get the adults joining in, which is lovely. The children love seeing their parents doing daft things like dances and actions.

It also allows the parents to have some time out and enjoy themselves and to also have some fun with their child.

Mr Mayhem makes the birthday child feel very special and important on their day.

Even when the children are eating, Mr Mayhem keeps the children

amused.  Some children can start wandering when they have finished eating, but somehow they manage to keep them as a group until everyone is ready.

I can honestly say, that I have never met such fun, caring entertainers. It is two hours of pure controlled madness, where the fun and laughter never stops.

I don’t know of anyone who has ever said a bad word about their roadshow. I know plenty of people who rave about them and enjoy them so much.

They are definitely value for money and certainly very good at tiring out very excited children.

Bumble bee really looks after the children and makes them their number one priority and it shows.

I am very happy to be contacted if you wish to ask any other questions. I have stated my address and telephone number at the top of the letter.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Samantha Schoenrock